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After 25 years of making signs, Carved Designs has decided it is time to close our workshop. We appreciate your business and hope you continue to enjoy the signs we made just for you.

Here we've featured a few of the signs we've done in the past - from simple to exotic - to give you an idea of what we can do for you. You can get a larger, more detailed view of any sign by clicking on the "Larger View" link below it. If you would like to see more images from our portfolio, go to the next page.

6" x 24"
Larger View
Great Oaks
"Great Oaks"
14" x 18"
Larger View
Midnight Sky: Cat
"Midnight Sky: Cat"
4" x 24" and 4" x 6"
Larger View
Western Expeditions
"Western Expeditions"
8" x 36"
Larger View
4" x 18"
Larger View
Happy Camp Ranch
"Happy Camp Ranch"
18" x 48"
Larger View
Reptile Resort
"Reptile Resort"
24" x 48"
Larger View
DHV International, Inc.: fiber optic well service
"DHV International, Inc.: fiber optic well service"
24" x 72"
Larger View
The Ikards: Justin and Nicole
"The Ikards: Justin and Nicole"
18" x 36"
Larger View
Stillwater River Ranch
"Stillwater River Ranch"
24" x 120"
Larger View
The Wilsons
"The Wilsons"
12" x 24"
Larger View
Familia Del Paco
"Familia Del Paco"
18" x 24"
Larger View

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